What’s Soil pH and Why Do I Care?

Soil pH is a measure of acidity. It is important because it affects the availability of nutrients for your plants. Soil pH is supposed to be in a certain range, like a speed limit on a road. Go too fa

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One thought on “What’s Soil pH and Why Do I Care?

  1. -I am very interested in this . We have a smallholding in central scotland and I am currently keeping a couple of shetland cattle , osb pigs and a ‘working’ pony along with chickens. I am trying to understand the complex issues of soil conditions and animal health-are scottish breeds adapted to thrive on acidic soils given natural pasture and forage? Or is that rushing evolution to expect such swift adaptation and do I have to provide mineral supplements. Our old pony has developed arthritis despite a forage diet and am wondering if he is defficient in certain minerals-these symptoms will become apparent in older stock which is irrelevent to most farmers but for smallholders with house cows an important consideration. Thanks for information.

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