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Help Grow On Pasture for FREE!

By   /  November 18, 2013  /  Comments Off on Help Grow On Pasture for FREE!

Leah Ashley Esser wears lots of hats. She is our tech support, shipping department, advertising department, article editor, and sounding board. Today she’s wearing her “let’s grow On Pasture” hat with some ideas for how you can help with no money at all.

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Leah wears lots of hats!  This is her "Life is Good" hat.

Leah wears lots of hats! This is her “Life is Good” hat.

Here’s the scoop:

We can’t keep On Pasture going without your support.

We also know that cash is always tight and it’s hard to find extra dollars to give, no matter how much you want to support a cause. In a way, this makes my job finding funding difficult.  But we’re not whiners.  Instead we decided to think outside the box, to come up with ways you can support On Pasture without breaking the bank.

Here’s How You Can Help!

Share On Pasture with everyone you know and meet.
Sign up for our weekly “New Articles” email. When you get your email, you can click the button at the bottom to “share with a friend” so others can get the news automatically too!  Here’s the sign up button now:

Get automatic updates


Write us a testimonial!
Tell us what you’ve learned or implemented from an On Pasture article, how comfy our t-shirts are, how great it feels to be part of the On Pasture Community, why you read On Pasture, or how much a photo of Kathy riding a cow makes you laugh!  Click here to drop us a note.

OnPasture Flyer PicTake On Pasture with you to conferences, workshops, and meetings
Just download this flyer and pass them out, or ask the conference sponsor if it would be ok to leave them on the registration table.  Remember, the bigger our community is the easier it is for us to find funding to keep our great articles coming!

Encourage your suppliers to advertise with On Pasture.
If you like, you can download and print off this “Advertising with On Pasture” flyer to make it easy for you and for them.  When they advertise they reach a larger audience and we can keep doing what we’re doing! It’s good for everyone!

Support our sponsors!
If you purchase something from one of our sponsors or advertisers, let them know On Pasture sent you. If you’re not in the market for what our sponsors are selling, email or call them anyway and let them know you saw their ad and appreciate their support of On Pasture.

Brainstorm with us!
We’re always looking for new ideas about how to get the word out! Email me at Leah@OnPasture.com if you have ideas about how to strengthen and build the On Pasture community!

We so appreciate each and every reader and every contribution! We want to continue to make On Pasture a great resource for all your grazing needs. Support us in whatever way works best for you!


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About the author

web support and contributor

Leah has a degree in psychology from Colorado State University and has been working in animal behavior for the last 5+ years. She is a web designer and our tech support as well as our shipping and advertising departments. Leah will also be proof-reading many of our articles; not only for editing purposes but also to make sure articles are applicable and understandable to the average reader, rather than just to researchers with science backgrounds.

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