Banner ads run across the top and bottom of each page.  And, like sidebar ads, banner ads switch whenever a reader clicks on a new page. Content stays fresh and readers pay attention.

To see for yourself, refresh this page or click to a new page. Notice what happens to ads in the top and bottom banner space?

Also, when a reader prints an article or page, banner ads print with it! Most importantly, banner ads load first on a page, meaning other advertising or content isn’t there to compete for that all-important first instant, another great way to catch reader eyes.

We know these are important advertising spaces and limit sales to only 6 ads at any given time. This means your ad appears at the top or bottom of a page 1/3 of the time or on 1 of every 3 pages a reader hits.

  • Viewers?  Based on our current community of readers, your ad will get about 750,000 page impressions per month (110,000 visitors averaging 2 visits and going to 3.4 pages). And, as our community grows, views go up.
  • Value?  Your Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM) impressions is about $1.00!  Try beating that rate.  Not going to happen.

Size and Pricing

  • Banner Ads are 726 pixels wide x 88 pixels high – $750/month or $1800/3 months

Create Your Ad

  • A good ad has few words and contrasting colors. It should link to your website so readers will get more details and can contact you.  If you want help on this, let us know.

Place Your Ad

First, decide the option that works best for you. Then drop us a note ( to set up an appointment to go over details for an ad order. You’ll need to work up your ad image and the link to one of your webpages. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns along the way!

New to making ads?  We can help.  Our ad design services are low-cost and done In-House.  We know our readers and can help your design reach them.  We’ll work with you to come up with several choices we can adjust until you’re ready to go!

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