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Want to Write an Article for On Pasture?

Here’s what we look for:

We are focused on providing information useful to folks raising livestock on pasture and on translating science and practical experience into things that producers can put to use quickly. So we ask authors to think about implementation and “How To” when they write. This can include describing something researchers have learned, or how a rancher or farmer is doing something, with suggestions for how the information can be adapted to other environments.

Our readers like things that are short, sweet and to the point, so we keep articles to about 1200 words. If a topic requires more in-depth information, we split it into a series.

If you have some ideas and just want to run them by us, send us an email and we’ll be happy to coordinate with you.

Right now we have no funding to pay for articles. What we can offer is classified advertising for products or services, as well as visibility for authors and their organizations. On Pasture has over 80,000 readers per month and while most are in the U.S. and Canada we also have a strong following from Australia and New Zealand and then folks scattered across the planet.

And of course, we’ll send you an “Everything’s Better On Pasture” bumper sticker. 🙂