Mob Grazing With Chickens

Forrest's 1,100 "mob" of free-range egg-layers.
Forrest’s 1,100 “mob” of free-range egg-layers.

Maybe you don’t have enough land to raise cattle, sheep or pigs.  Maybe you’re thinking about diversifying your operation.  In either case you’ll want to check out Forrest Pritchard’s latest blog post.  In it he describes how to use electric netting to create long narrow stretches of pasture that chickens can graze and trample as effectively as other livestock graze and trample their larger pastures.  The electric fences protect the chickens from foxes, coyotes, opossums, skunks and raccoons and the long, narrow shape of the pastures makes it difficult for raptor predators to nab prey as well.

Example of a field trampled by chickens.  Photo by Forrest Pritchard.
Example of a field trampled by chickens. Photo by Forrest Pritchard.

Forrest shares tips on how to teach even so-called lazy birds, like the fast-growing meat birds, to graze as a mob.  He also shares how he sets up his pasture rotations and how he rests the pastures to make sure that all the nutrients the birds leave behind go toward improving the soil and making great forage.

Don’t miss this great video, Free Range Chickens, Smith Meadows Style.  Forrest talks about his free-range egg-laying operation, with quick looks at the feeders, the guard dog, and the hutches he uses.

Free Range Chickens, Smith Meadows Style from Smith Meadows on Vimeo.

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