Grazing Management Affects Soil Health

This video by the Natural Resources Conservation Service in South Dakota does a great job of demonstrating that how we manage our livestock on pasture determines how sustainable we'll be as farmers an

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3 thoughts on “Grazing Management Affects Soil Health

  1. Is there a transcript somewhere? I’m having a really hard time understanding a lot of what he’s saying in the video, I think because of wind blowing into his microphone.


    1. I assumed you were talking about the second video. There isn’t a transcript. I think part of the problem is that he speaks really fast. I tried the auto close captioning but it came up with some really funny translations. Is there a particular part you’re having trouble with? If you give me the time code perhaps I can translate.

  2. Terrific clip! How timely. In much of the west, we are in our driest months and one can easily observe those areas of pasture or range that have been well managed by leaving some residue and adjusting timing of grazing. Folks need to see to believe and this infiltration demo is just the ticket! Soil type and plant species may vary but the principles are the same.

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