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Why On PastureRachel and I are taking this week off to celebrate a birthday, and to give Rachel time to recuperate a bit from her surgery, which we’re happy to say went very well.  But never fear, we’ve left you with 24 weeks of great content to review!  The best way to check out articles you may have missed, or to re-read some favorites is to click on one of the categories in the menu bar above. Or click here for a list of crowd favorites and great articles you may have missed.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for reading On Pasture.  When our first issue went up on March 21st, we were thinking that this would be a monthly endeavor.  After all, that’s how print media does it.  But the response was so amazing and gratifying that first week, that we said, “Heck, this is the internet and we can give our readers something every week!”  So we did.

It wouldn’t have been possible if our friends hadn’t stepped up to help write articles.  Troy Bishopp, Greg Judy and Ed Rayburn were part of the group that agreed creating On Pasture would be a great idea.  But they didn’t know we were going to take it weekly.  Fortunately our enthusiasm, and yours, is contagious, and they stepped up with articles that have been reader favorites.  We knew On Pasture was a winner when other folks began to volunteer.  Dan Hudson has been our go-to-guy for timely articles on a variety of subjects.  Forrest Pritchard has been a non-stop source of thoughtful and entertaining commentary on life as a farmer. Meg Grzeskiewicz’s series on leasing land has been republished in several newsletters,  AND Mother Earth News has picked up some of her articles as well as Rachel’s soil articles.  Likewise, Bill Fosher’s article on parasite management was requested by the Maine Sheep Breeders Assocation’s quarterly newsletter.  All together we have 22 contributors to On Pasture and you can see them all here.  Like you, we appreciate each and every one of them!

What’s Next?

Well, a lot more really great articles, of course!  If you’re looking for particular information drop us a note, and we’ll add it to our list of things to translate into practices you can use now. We have been getting contributions from readers as thank yous for specific articles and as the equivalent to subscriptions.  We LOVE the support and we can’t do it without you, as we say often!  Now we’re getting ready for our first membership drive to help cover costs for On Pasture’s production.  We’ll be offering different participation options and rewards (like t-shirts, bumper stickers, and discounts on advertisements).  In fact, we’ll be asking you for your thoughts on our Facebook page, to make sure you’re getting the options you want.  If you’d like to vote, like us on Facebook.  If you’re not a “Facebooker” feel free to send us suggestions by email, or in the comment section below. With that, we’ll leave you.  Have a great Labor Day week and we’ll see you again on September 10! Kathy and Rachel

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