100,000 Reasons to Say Thank You

We'e got our party hats on and we're CELEBRATING!  Thank you for being part of On Pasture!
We’e got our party hats on and we’re CELEBRATING! Thank you for being part of On Pasture!

We started this venture with a dream to share useful information on grass-based livestock farming. We put our heads down, started writing, got help from our colleagues and friends, and all of a sudden, we woke up and found out our dream had become reality. We spend hours each week building each new issue, learning about all sorts of things and sharing them with you. There is a world of farming and ranching that is so good, so fun, and so interesting that we can’t help ourselves. And you have come and visited these pages 100,000 times in the six months since On Pasture started up.

So we thank you, 100,000 times over. Thank you for reading and for sharing. Thank you for your emails and your interest.

In the course of the past six months, we’ve had some changes. A flood ravaged Colorado. A fire brought back old memories. And a few weeks ago, we found out that Rachel has a new medical hobby. Flood clean up and fire recovery continue. And, for Rachel, thirty doctors appointments and two surgeries later, we can report that things are looking up. It will be months until she is anywhere near her high octane self. She’s still here, though, and still writing. And when she is ready to take up new hobbies (rock climbing?) we look forward to giving you that news, letting you know that we are both back with a vengeance.

Until then, we are thankful for all of you, for your visits, for your comments, and for the work you do each day to make the world a better place.

Thank you,

Rachel and Kathy

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