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A year ago, On Pasture was just a twinkle in the eyes of Kathy, Rachel, and a group of authors and speakers known for their innovative work in the world of grazing.  To see if our idea had merit, we surveyed ag professionals and producers.  We learned that though 98% of the group were reading other magazines, that same 98% wanted a publication that translates the latest research and farmer/rancher experience into grazing practices they can use right now.

So, since March 21, 2013, that’s what we’ve been giving you, in packages of five articles a week. The numbers tell us that we’re giving you what you want.  Today there are more than 10,000 On Pasture readers, and that number keeps climbing!

WeWantYouToJoinKeep On Pasture Growing

There are a lot of ways to say it, but the simplest is: We need your help. We can’t do this for the long-term without your support.  But with your help, we can move mountains, clear cobwebs and translate scientific jargon into real English!

Readers have already been sending contributions of $20, $50 and $100.  Consider what works best for you or what you might pay for a subscription to this kind of magazine.  Your support means we can begin to compensate authors for their work, and enhances our ability to bring you even more information.

What’s In It For You?

First and foremost, we keep on doing what we’re doing.  But we also want to show you our appreciation in other ways.  So here’s what we’ve got!

Contribute $10 and we’ll send you a downloadable picture of Kathy riding a cow!
Contribute $30 and we’ll send you an On Pasture sticker.
Contribute $60 and we’ll send you an On Pasture t-shirt or give you half off a Goods and Services ad, your choice.
Contribute $100 and we’ll send you all of the above PLUS an On Pasture t-shirt AND put your name in our Supporters Hall of Fame (unless you want to remain anonymous).

Thank you for reading On Pasture. And thank you for pitching in.

Kathy and Rachel

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