Can You Help Us Out?

SupportPriceBreakdownFirst, thanks to all of you who have already joined the On Pasture community this past week!  Your support and confidence in us keeps us going.  We’ll be sending your t-shirts and bumper stickers out shortly.

To those of you who have joined us, and to those still thinking about it, here’s a little more information about On Pasture and why we appreciate you reading and supporting us.

After Rachel and I see our husbands out the door in the morning, and she’s got her kids to school or settled in for the day, you are the first people we think of. We imagine how your morning has started and what kind of challenges you might be facing that day.  And then we sit down at our computers to find ways to help you meet those challenges. We talk to other farmers. We read research papers and talk to researchers and Extension people to find answers to your questions.  Then we edit or write articles so they will mean something to you.

Now we’re asking you to show us that On Pasture is important to you by joining our community at the level of support that works best for you.  With you behind us, we can cover On Pasture’s costs, pay our authors, and recruit additional contributors.  No one is funding this but you. We don’t get paychecks from anyone to bring you On Pasture. It takes your help to make sure that you keep on getting the information you need.

Before we shut off our computers at about 10:00 at night, we imagine you all at home again.  We wonder if you had a good day.  We imagine your mudrooms, or entry ways, with boots and jackets, hats and gloves, waiting for you to put them on again and go out and do it again in the morning.  And mostly, we hope that before you head out in the morning, or when you break for lunch, you’ll be stopping at your own computers to check out On Pasture to see what we have to help you that day.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support!

Kathy and Rachel

P.S.  Another great thing about On Pasture?  All these articles are ALWAYS up, and you never have to search through the recycling to find an old paper or magazine!  🙂

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