Press a Button – It’s Fun!

We know things about our readers.  No, no, we’re not the NSA.  All we really see is how many people come to the site and read things.

For example, we know that you really liked the Forage Calculator we posted.  Lots of you read that article and shared it by email.  So we’re working on other calculators that will make your life easier.

Our stats tell us that readers are interested in figuring out how to plan their grazing, or at least that’s how we interpret the huge number of you that went to the page where you can download a free grazing planning chart (Get Your Grazing Chart Here!).  You’re also concerned with understanding how your forage grows (Know Your Grass Growth Stages for Successful Grazing Management) how to look at your pastures so you can prevent overgrazing (What Does Light, Moderate and Heavy Grazing Look Like?) and how to put it all together to get your livestock out to pasture in the spring while still making sure you have summer forage (Maximizing Spring Green Up Without Destroying Summer Pastures). We’re tickled with how much you want to know about soil, and the more you read, the more we write/look for.  In fact, every time you click on an article and the stats tick up for it, we take note.  Making you happy makes us happy.

This is the page we'd like you to visit!
This is the page we’d like you to visit!

BUT…there’s one page on the site that has been getting a lot of clicks without the kinds of results we need. We can see that folks are visiting the “Join the On Pasture Community!” without pressing one of the membership buttons. And that makes us a little sad.

Based on our stats, if each of you who visited chose the $10 reward level, On Pasture would have enough money to cover costs for a quarter.  At the $30 level, which is what you might pay for a subscription to a monthly magazine, we’d be good for about 6 months.  At the $60 level, which also gets you an On Pasture t-shirt and 1/2 off a goods and services ad, we’d be cooking for a year, and at the $100 level?  Well there are some amazing people who have clicked that button already, and we SO appreciate that kind of confidence in On Pasture.

Every reward level comes with a thank you gift.  It’s a visible way for us to tell you how much your participation in On Pasture means to us.  We’ve also tried to make the button pressing process fun.  After you click on a button and go through the payment process, you end up at a Thank You Page where you’ll see a picture of our “Thank You Dance.” 🙂

So please, become a part of the On Pasture Community.  Press a button, have some fun, and know that when you do, Rachel and Kathy are getting a charge out of it too!

You light up our lives!

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