To the 7 of You Who Click on This – Sausage Recipe Inside

There is a school of thought that none of us really wants to know how the sausage is made because apparently it’s not a very appetizing process.  But in this case we think that knowing how we make the sausage that is the 7 weekly On Pasture articles gives you a better measure of what you’re getting for your money.

If you just look at the amount of time it takes to research and write each article, you’re looking at about 5 hours per article for a total of 35 hours.  But writing is just the tip of the iceberg and the least time consuming of all the ingredients.  What you’re really getting is the  decades of experience our authors have behind them that they are condensing into just the right 1,000 to 1200 words for you.

For example:

On Pasture authors are like the expert boiler repair person. It takes a long time to have the skills necessary to put something into the right words.
On Pasture authors are like the expert boiler repair person. It takes a long time to have the skills necessary to put something into the right words.

Sandra Miller’s recent series on how to raise veal successfully is the summary of over a decade of experience.  As an innovator in her area, she has started a whole variety of Consumer Supported Agriculture businesses for vegetables, dairy, meat, fruits and flowers.  So when she writes about business, she knows her stuff.

Troy Bishopp’s expertise in grazing charts and planning is hard won.  He developed a grant and headed an effort to find out what would work best for farmers and ranchers and then spent hours, days and weeks creating something that they could truly benefit from.  He’s put his efforts to the test at his own place, and by assisting others so that he learns and grows and improves on his product a little every day.

Greg Judy knows what it’s like being in the red, and being in the black when it comes to income.  In his trip to being a full time, successful farmer, he’s studied the ins and outs of different grazing management styles, and ways to build soil and pasture health.

Chip Hines has been studying and developing his thoughts on agriculture and reducing inputs for a lifetime, learning from his mistakes and successes on his own ranch.  Forrest Pritchard has gone through the same school of hard knocks and is now uniquely qualified to share how to thrive by diversifying and selling at farmers markets.  Dave Scott, was chosen to work at NCAT/ATTRA precisely because he has experience with sheep and dairy and the ability to share ways to be more successful with fellow ranchers.

Authors like Dan Hudson, Ed Rayburn, Jim Cropper, Bill Fosher, Meg Grzeskiewicz, Karen Hoffman, Josh Vaillancourt, Brett Chedzoy, and Mark Cannella have invested significant time in their educations and then made it their life’s work to share best practices, whether from research or experience.  We’re all dedicated to putting the information you need right at your fingertips.  And you don’t have to save anything or file and store favorite articles.  They’re all online, all the time.

At least that’s our intent.  The reality is that we can only make this sausage with your help.  We’re 10 months into this now, and we’ve yet to receive a single paycheck, and now we’re arriving at the point where it needs to begin paying its way.  We’ve got a start with about 5% of our operating budget coming in so far.  But to make a go of it we’ll need more reader participation and some underwriters too.

We know there are more than 12,000 of you out there reading, and that number grows every month. We also know you’re visiting the On Pasture Membership Page, but in many cases, you’re not pressing a “Join” button.  We know you value on Pasture.  So next visit to the site, help us make our budget.  Click today!  🙂



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