Risk Management – Here’s a Tool to Make It Easier

We all make the best decisions we can given that we really don't know what's going to happen in the future.  For example, if we knew we were headed into drought, we'd sell off animals when the prices are at their best.  Heck, if we knew what the very best price was going to be in a year, we'd certainly take advantage of it.  But since we're unlikely to get a tool that tells us exactly what's going to happen, we might as well think about what our risks are in a given time period so that we can make decisions we feel good about and safe with.  Thanks to Mark Cannella who created a risk management planning worksheet.  Whether or not you fill it out completely, it will at least get you thinking. The worksheet starts with thinking about what kind of a risk taker you are: Here are definitions of these labels to help you place yourself: Avoiders are cautious, expecting the worst to happen, and if they can avoid taking a risk, they will.  This means that often miss opportunities to profit. Calculators know they have to take so

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