Who Is On Pasture?

Photo courtesy of the Desha Show, Facebook page and blog.
Thank you for completing the survey and unmasking yourselves just a bit. (Photo courtesy of the Desha Show, Facebook page and blog.)

Last week we put up a 9 question survey of On Pasture readers.  Its purpose was to gather information so we can tell Underwriters and Advertisers how supporting On Pasture helps them accomplish their goals too.  It is also helping us focus in on what kinds of articles we should be writing to best serve our community.  Here’s what we’ve learned:

Where do you live?

So far we’ve gotten responses from folks living in 35 of the 50 United States.  Thanks to the person from Nigeria who completed the survey, and all our Canadian readers too.  When we have an idea where our readers live we can search for information most relevant to you.  So, if you haven’t filled out the survey yet, but want to be sure that we don’t leave you out, head on over to complete it now.

What’s Your Relationship to Farming And Ranching?

Most of you consider yourselves farmers.  One person asked us what the difference is between farming and ranching.  The answer, from our perspective is one of location.  Most folks in the west who focus on raising livestock for meat call themselves ranchers.  Others consider themselves farmers if they’re focused on crops over livestock.  There isn’t one correct answer.

What Do You Raise?

Beef is a strong first for this question.  But poultry is right up there too.  Is this because it’s easy to add chickens to an operation?  You tell us.


How Old Are You?

We’ve got a nice age spread in our community.  We like this because it means we can learn from our different experiences.


What Do You Want To Read About?

We asked what On Pasture categories you read most often (Grazing Management 90%, Pasture Health and Livestock at 70%, and other categories falling out below those numbers).  We also asked what you’d like to read more about.  Remember, our job is to find the information you need and turn it into something you can use, so answering this question helps us do that.  Go fill out the survey to make sure your needs are being met.

Here are just a few of the suggestions.  There were lots more than this, and we’re loving the long list!  Thanks to those of you who have responded.

Animal behavior and weed-eating training projects
In-depth information an wording of contracts for lease agreements and custom grazing
Temporary fencing how-to’s
Extending the grazing season
Grazing in wet climates and on heavy soils
Direct marketing of grass finished goats
Farm Profiles
Grass fed genetics
Different livestock production methods and impacts on environmental resources
Grazing management on large-landscapes

What You Like About On Pasture

We asked you this because it will help underwriters and advertisers support On Pasture, and because sometimes we just need to be sure that you like us and that we’re doing something useful.  Here are a few of the comments:

New and fresh ideas

Well it’s practical and forward thinking and positive and happy, sometimes funny, but always with a message.

One of a few places to find cutting edge info on grass based agriculture.

I get inspiration from the underlying sense of community that holds the articles together.  A pervasive sense of humor is a plus too.

The information and experience presented helps to inform me and assists in making decisions for my future farm.

Always really solid and pertinent information.  Answers to real questions.

Useful information, delivered in an easy to understand approach.  Great assortment of topics, I can always find something that I’ve been wondering about.

 Do You Want a Bumper Sticker?

Turns out not everyone needs an On Pasture bumper sticker.  But we’re sending one to anyone who fills out the survey and leaves a mailing address at the end.  (We never share your information and we’ll only use your address to mail you your free sticker!)  So once more we’ll say, please head over to the survey, fill it out, and we’ll drop your bumper sticker in the mail.

Thanks for reading On Pasture.  We appreciate the support of those who’ve already joined the On Pasture Community.  You don’t have to join in order to read On Pasture but without members, On Pasture can’t survive. Like National Public Radio On Pasture is free to anyone who comes to the site.  That’s because we know that everyone needs great information, but not everyone is in a position to pay for it today.  We invite those of you who can afford a subscription to become a member of the On Pasture Community at the level that works for you.  Becoming a supporter is quick, easy and inexpensive and it means we’ll keep on writing and emailing the articles you want to read.

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