Which is the April Fools’ Story?

april fools day memes 2I LOVE April Fools’ Day and all the little jokes that come with it.  One story I remember most vividly is one about Compost Tea done by National Public Radio back in the 90’s.  Only Compost Tea wasn’t something you sprayed on pastures.  It was something people actually drank!  They called it ComPostum, and it seems there were a lot of health benefits associated with drinking it.  I was driving home from a long day in the field and so my excuse for believing it is that I was really tired.  But I was really grossed out by the thought of drinking that tea!  I just kept thinking “What will those health nuts think of next?!”

Anyway we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add some fun to our first ever On Pasture April Fools’ Day issue.  But the trick here is that only one of these stories is fake.  All the rest are completely true!  We’ll tell you which one on Wednesday on our Facebook page and by posting a comment on the fake story.  And we think you’ll be surprised!  🙂  In the meantime, go ahead and post to tell us which one you think is false.

Enjoy and thanks for reading On Pasture!

Kathy and Rachel

Update on April 2, 2014:  If you were shopping for Samsung Eco-Trees, well April Fools!  But yeah, can you believe that we can get vanilla from cow dung?!  And Excre-meat –   Ewwww!!

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