The Strength to Serve, to Overcome, and to Forgive

Louis ZamperiniThis week started out with a day of remembering heroes. Louis Zamperini is one of those heroes who served in World War II.  He survived a plane crash that left him adrift for weeks in the ocean where he battled sharks, hunger and the elements. He was then captured, and held as a prisoner of war. You can read his story as told by Laura Hillenbrand in the book Unbroken. 

Here’s a video of him being interviewed that we found really moving. Thanks to Lyle “Spud” Edwards for sharing it with us. Beyond his extreme strength in the face of torture and suffering, we are struck by Mr. Zamperini’s strength to forgive his captors. He is a hero. We thank him and all those who serve.

One thought on “The Strength to Serve, to Overcome, and to Forgive

  1. Louis Zamperini is an outstanding and an inspiring human being, someone to look up to.

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