Bits of Your Heart

heart-piecesSometimes, bits of my heart, often scattered across the country and around the world, come visit. Those moments when friends and family arrive are the joy of the bits of heart reuniting. This week we got to reunite with some friends who traveled through the area and stayed the night. Zip lines, four square, and waffles for all. Added bonus round was that Grandpa came by with Dingo, his four-footed travel companion.

Next week, we will travel to Cape Cod to spend time with other bits of our heart – a  reunion of cousins, aunts, and uncles, and more grandparents.  We’re not a perfect family, but it turns out there aren’t any. There are a lot of lawyers* and science-y people in our group, so humor tends to be a little nerdy. Instead of a list of contact information, we get a spreadsheet.  Setting up the camera for a group photo takes a village. Agreeing on what we’re going to eat takes several committees.

But when we come to the reunion, we bring together bits of each others hearts, and hearts will be fuller for the reunion. We each come with our own version of family, and we each love in our own ways.

We are so grateful for the family of sisters, brothers, parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles, and also for the family of friends that we have found in our days and in our readers. There are people in our family that don’t come with legal documents or spots on the family tree that we can point to. But they are family all the same, and have bits of our hearts wherever they are. All we can hope for is the joy that comes from reuniting bits of our hearts.

Thanks for reading!


*Two lawyers can be construed as a lot.

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  1. Well put. For farmers, family and friends! I am blessed to know you!

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