If You’re Reading This, You Have 142 People to Thank

Those are the people who have joined the On Pasture Community in the last 16 months. Some did it by signing up for a monthly payment of $5. Others signed up for the support level that suited them best and in return we sent them a picture of Kathy riding a cow, or a bumpersticker or a t-shirt. Others went straight to the shop and purchased a t-shirt for themselves or a friend.

142 SupportersWe’re really grateful to all of our readers for visiting us each week, but we’re especially grateful for those 142 people who expressed their support with a little bit of monetary assistance. What they give goes towards covering the cost of the weekly email announcing the week’s articles, and the cost of the server.

We know that On Pasture gets 20,000 readers each month. That’s good growth for a publication that started 16 months ago and we think that level of readership shows we’re doing pretty well at getting you the information you want. So, if you like On Pasture, and you think we’re crazy to do all this for almost nothing, AND you’re one of the 19,858 readers who hasn’t joined the On Pasture Community yet, take a minute to click on over to our membership page and send us a little encouragement.

Thanks for reading!

Rachel and Kathy

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