The $60,000 Potato Salad

Potato Salad
This is a picture of potato salad from Zack’s Kickstarter page. It’s not even a picture of the potato salad he’s going to make because he’s never made potato salad before. And folks are sending him money for this from all over the planet.

Zack “Danger” Brown’s Kickstarter project started out with the modest goal of raising $10 so that he could make himself some potato salad.  Now with 10 days left for collecting money, he has already received $61,184. Really!  He’s gotten that much money to make a batch of potato salad that most of his donors will never even taste, though he does promise that if you send hime $35 he will send you a t-shirt, a bite of the potato salad, a photo of him making it, and he’ll even say your name while he’s making the potato salad.

Wow! We wish we had thought of this!

So, if folks will donate $60,000 to a guy making a potato salad for himself, shouldn’t we be able to fund On Pasture? Though I love potato salad, here’s why On Pasture is better:

Potato salad spoils, but On Pasture content is here forever.  And with almost 500 articles already, we’re sure you’ll find something you need in our archives. (Just click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the page and type in what you’re looking for.)

Potato salad is the same day after day. But On Pasture is new every week. We know that recipes for potato salad vary. Sometimes, you may want the kind with bacon in it, sometimes the kind with eggs, and there’s even the kind made with blue potatoes. But it’s always meant to be just that, potato salad. We, on the other hand, put up 7 new timely articles every Tuesday.  And we even send out a weekly email to let you know that they’re up and what they’re about.  Click here if you’d like to be on that mailing list and then click on the “Automatic Updates” button.

Potato salad gives you a bigger bottom.  On Pasture gives you a bigger bottom-line. With articles that focus on practices that improve your efficiency and increase income, you can’t go wrong.

PotatoSaladVoteSo if you think On Pasture brings you more than Zack’s potato salad, let us know by joining the On Pasture Community.  Just like Zack, we have a variety of levels of support you can choose from and some of them even get you additional prizes, like a bumper sticker or a t-shirt. Just click here to tell us you like us as much as potato salad. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Rachel and Kathy

P.S.  If you support On Pasture, we’ll even say your name while we’re writing an article! 

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