The Top of the To-Do List

Ooops! Forgot to check the Zucchini!

This weekend, I had a list of things to do as long as the zucchini I found in the garden. In other words, about two feet long. I did most of the things on the list, but didn’t get to one, and I’m going to do that one in a minute. The thing I didn’t do yet was something important, something special, something to mark our friends’ adoption of a wonderful little girl that they have parented for more than a year.

I didn’t get them a gift. They didn’t want a gift, though. They have all the stuff they need. What they asked for was that if anyone wanted, we should make a donation to an organization that supports children in foster care.

All weekend long, I tackled the chores and tasks on my list. Laundry done and  away, gardens weeded. Pickles made. Giant zucchini grated, bagged, frozen.  Zip line, zipped. Groceries purchased and put away.

But I didn’t find 3 minutes to sit down with my computer, my wallet, and the name of this organization to make a donation. I will, though. Thinking about the obstacles I have had to overcome to get to do something important to me, that I want to do, reminded me of what it takes for you, our readers, to support On Pasture. We need your help to be here. Please take the three minutes, grab your wallet, and help keep On Pasture online.

Thank you.

Now, I’m going to go grab my wallet.


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