Guitar duet, on one guitar

You have to really know your partner when you play a duet, and this is especially true if you are sharing a single instrument. The minute we saw this video we realized, “That’s us!” Putting out a new issue of On Pasture every week looks a lot like two guitar players playing on a single guitar, each of us strumming part of the song to publish almost 500 articles over the past year and a half.

No, it’s not really us in the video, but it’s the best demonstration we could find to show you the intricate, behind-the-scenes music we play out each week, preparing to dazzle you with fascinating, useful information based on science and experience.  Switch out the guitar for a website, two computers, and a lot of cross-country phone calls and you’ve got the picture.

It turns out it can be about as complicated and up tempo as it looks and sounds, so we’re always happy for Tuesday to roll around when we can share the new articles with you.  We hope you like the music!

Here’s the tablet link too.

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