The Drinks That Fuel Us

decalf coffeeWe all have a beverage of some kind that gets us up in the morning and keeps us running at top speed through the day. Here’s what does it for the On Pasture Editors:

Rachel:  Tea. Hot cocoa. Steamed milk with Honey. More Tea.

Kathy:  1 cup of 1/2 caf Coffee in the a.m. P.M it’s  Zevia Cola (a decaf coke alternative sweetened with stevia) or Bubbly Water, (and occasionally, at night as Tuesday’s issue is going online, a Negra Modelo Beer.)

Beverages are a means of saying welcome, or of making time to just sit and chat.  They can be a way to ask for a first dates (“Can I buy you a cup of coffee?”), or part of getting together to brainstorm and solve problems. They’re a way of gearing up, or slowing down.

For On Pasture, your favorite beverage can also be a way of sharing your support.  On Pasture is not supported by any grants or government funding.  We started because we thought we had something to offer, and we keep going thanks to your support.


It’s less than a cup of coffee.

Have a cup of coffee or tea with us and keep On Pasture online!

We’re not asking for a lot because we know how life on the farm or ranch is.  But, if every reader sent us what they’d pay for a cup of coffee once a month, we could cover our basic costs. With a monthly coffee and a donut?  We’d actually be able to cover some salaries, and spend more time gathering the information you need.  The bigger your support, the more we can do for you.

By choosing $1, $2, $3 or $5, your credit card or Paypal account will be automatically debited for that amount each month.  And if things change, you can stop the payments any time! Just send us an email! What ever you choose, be sure to include your address and we’ll send you a bumper sticker so you can show everyone you’re a member of the On Pasture Community.

Rachel and Kathy.  Photo by Troy Bishopp.
Here are Rachel and Kathy in February of 2013 when they were getting ready to start publishing On Pasture. They’re who you’ll be having coffee with. Photo by Troy Bishopp.


Want to choose your own level of annual support?

Here you go. Just plug in what you’d like!

Not a Paypaler?

Send a check or money order to: On Pasture, 4435 E San Carlos Place N, Tucson, AZ 85712

Can’t Afford to Join Today?

Send us a note.  Tell us what you like about what we’re doing.

You Can Also Help by Spreading the Word About On Pasture!

Check out this little piece by Leah Ashley Esser. She tells how you can take On Pasture to workshops and conferences, boost us with your testimonials, and encourage your suppliers to advertise. They’re all easy, low-cost ways to create a crowd that will keep us all moving forward.

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