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Hey, where’s the aisle for Thanksgiving? We’re getting two cases of gratitude, please!

By   /  November 24, 2014  /  3 Comments

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Dear Reader,

imagesThank you. We just wanted to say that. Kathy and I have been publishing On Pasture for a year and a half, and it’s been a big journey. In case you missed the drama, since we started, Kathy fell and broke her face, Troy had a heart attack, and well, my drama included getting really short hair and fancy new scars. When we were all finally recovered from our maladies, Kathy moved to a whole new world where there is no winter (how odd!).

Through it all, every single week, we’ve been meeting up with you to learn and share about the wonderful world of On Pasture. Some weeks have been pretty frantic to get everything ready before we went to “press”.  There are times like that in all of our lives, where things aren’t all bright and cheery, or they are so crazy and busy that you feel like you need to clone yourself to get it all done (no, we are not writing about cloning). Still, hearing from you, knowing you are reading, learning, and growing, along with us, has made all the difference.

This week, a trip to the pharmacy took me down aisles stocked with red ribbons and nutcrackers and stockings. Wedged into the corner were some black rubber bats, plastic kettles, and candy corn, marked down 90% to clear the space. But where the heck was Thanksgiving? There really isn’t much of an aisle for Thanksgiving in most stores, but we’ll give it a whole column in On Pasture, a whole issue even, and some Funnies. Hold on to the time for gratitude, clear out the space for giving thanks, for family and friends, and for a tasty meal that lingers and lasts, and finally ends with pie.

We’re grateful for our families, who have supported us through this venture. To the two Mr. On Pastures, thank you for letting us be crazy enough to start a magazine, and believing in us every day of this madness. To the little On Pastures, thank you for letting us talk and email at all hours to get things done. And to the On Pasture parents and siblings, thank you for cheering us on.

To our readers, we wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you for reading. We are so very grateful to have you.

Yours truly,

Rachel and Kathy
The On Pasture Ladies

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  • Published: 7 years ago on November 24, 2014
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Author and editor emeritus

Rachel's interest in sustainable agriculture and grazing has deep roots in the soil. She's been following that passion around the world, working on an ancient Nabatean farm in the Negev, and with farmers in West Africa's Niger. After returning to the US, Rachel received her M.S. and Ph.D. in agronomy and soil science from the University of Maryland. For her doctoral research, Rachel spent 3 years working with Maryland dairy farmers using management intensive grazing. She then began her work with grass farmers, a source of joy and a journey of discovery.


  1. Jess Jackson Jr. Grazing Specialist NRCS Iowa says:

    Rachel — Just heard a fascinating talk by Dr. Peter Ballerstadt with Barenbrug seed company on the theme that meat is medicine. Might be a good guest column for on pasture. I’m reading “The Big Fat Lie” by Nina Tiecholz which is one of his references. Since I know a little about balancing animal rations, it struck a nerve with me that humans would be somewhat similar. I’ll report – you decide. I love your articles and inspiration. Thanks Jess Jackson Jr. Grazing Specialist with NRCS Iowa. jess.jackson@ia.usda.gov

  2. Thank you for all you do in putting it together! On Pasture has been a great help and inspiration on our farm.

    • Rachel Gilker says:

      Thank you for saying that! You really do make a difference in our days. We’re so glad to hear from you. Wishing you all the best.

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