Gift Ideas for the Farmers and Ranchers In Your Life

Books From On Pasture Authors and Friends Chip Hines Some of our On Pasture readers have told us that they like Chip's articles the best. In fact, some of the articles we've shared with you are excerpts from the books he has written. Chip shares his unique experience and understanding of the challenges involved in producing sustainable in the books he writes. You can find and read more about them here. Forrest Pritchard Forrest's first book, Gaining Ground: A Story of Farmers' Markets, Local Food, and Saving the Family Farm, came out just about the time that On Pasture was getting started. We were honored to be able to share an excerpt from the book with readers (which you can still read here), and have been tickled to see the rave reviews our friend has gotten ever since. In fact, his book was named a top read by The Washington Post, Publishers Weekly and NPR's The Splendid Table! Forrest has share a lot of "How To" articles with On Pasture readers and with this book, you'll get some behind the scenes stories to put them in perspective. You can read more about the book and order it here. Kathy Voth Before Rachel and I started On Pasture, I traveled the U.S. and Canada, training cows, sheep and bison to eat weeds, and doing workshops and presentations to show farmers and ranchers how they could turn weeds into forage by teaching their livestock to eat them. Along the way I wrote a book with all the instructions and lessons I learned about how to

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One thought on “Gift Ideas for the Farmers and Ranchers In Your Life

  1. I just finished the book “Gaining Ground” by Forrest Pritchard. I read one book after another year round and I have to say “Gaining Ground” is the best non-fiction book I’ve read in a long time. People who read this book will get two things. One, they will get an enjoyable tale about a young man’s effort to convert his family’s financially troubled farm in to a sustainable profitable operation. This information alone is a excellent source of advice and information to farmers of all ages, especially to those of you involved in direct marketing.

    Secondly, they will get an enjoyable reading experience about farm life, it’s joys and it’s pitfalls told through Forrest’s point of view. The book reminded me a lot of the “All Creatures” stories published years ago by an English veterinarian, James Herriot.

    My advice to readers of “On Pasture” is to purchase this book in either printed or ebook format, read it, then figure out a way to re-gift it to some special person in your life as an excellent Christmas gift.

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