Joy to the World, December’s Here!

KathysJoytotheWorldIt’s the season of lists and of more errands than we thought possible, of finding last year’s stash of decorations and make new ones, and of sitting down to write the annual holiday card. Oh, that’s a chore to dread and love with equal measures. (If you get a card from us, we absolutely love writing yours, so no worries there.)

It’s so hard to sit down and stop the hustle and bustle, because, hey, if we sit down, nothing gets done. But then we sit. And look at the first name on the list. That wonderful person comes to mind, like a little visit right there. All of a sudden, the joy of the season is in the air. Pen goes to paper, and the holiday wishes pour out. Sending out those cards is like wrapping hugs in envelopes and dancing them to the mailbox through a whirl of puffy snowflakes.

Yes, if we hear one more synopsis of Black Friday, we might puke.  We forgot to camp out for deals, and we never got to wrestle anyone over a flat-screen TV. We’re still giving thanks for what we have, while struggling under the weight of lists of things we want to do, and ways we want to show folks we love them.  (We have some On Pasture friends that are helping us with gift ideas.)

There are still cookies to bake (and here’s a great recipe!), and cards to write, and gifts to get. The moments when we sit down to recognize the joys of the holiday season, and to share those joys in a card, a mug of hot cocoa, and a visit, make the holiday more than just lists. They make the holiday magic.

And if you don’t finish everything on your list, it’s ok. Just let it be because you lingered with a loved one, or over a letter, or to enjoy how lovely the world around you is.  You can finish the list later, and just take the Holiday season right into the New Year.

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