Survey Says….What You’re Saying About On Pasture

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You know that survey we asked you to fill out?  Well, since you’re our community, we thought, “Hey, we bet you’d like to see some of the answers!”  We’ll start with some of the answers we got to “What do you like about On Pasture?”

What we like best about reading the comments is hearing what you think. It’s especially fun to feel like we’re actually doing what we set out to accomplish – sharing useful information rooted in science and experience. That’s what we’re hearing:

“I like the details you go into on the subject at hand. You talk about things I haven’t even thought about, you make me aware of other easy to do things.”

“I love On Pasture. It is timely, well stocked with new ways of doing things and also tried and true methods that we can all build on using new technologies or ideas.”

“It’s not sales driven (the “buy this to make your farm better” articles drive me nuts), it’s info from folks who are doing it for full time or sideline income, not just warm fuzzy hobby farmers. The science supporting the decision process is discussed and is relevant.”

“…the honest pursuit into “froo-froo” stuff–that is so helpful, even if I don’t agree with it in the end. Someone needs to be out busting BS for the rest of us!”

162535859We also like being part of a community, and that’s something we wanted to build with On Pasture.  We think about you, imagine ourselves talking to you, or sitting down and having a cup of coffee or tea. (Yeah, and sometimes we like to have a beer with you!)

“Timely info, and it makes me feel a part of a community of like-minded farmers, which I don’t have in my area.”

“Easy form, quick to digest, nice pocket-sized thoughts that walk with me throughout the day and inform my decision making and observations in my pastures”

“The personal kinda quirky friendly style”

“The articles sound like you’re talking right to us. I like all the different views of how to do things. I like statistics and actual tests and results.”

And then there are some surprises – things that we hadn’t thought of accomplishing but we’re glad are working for you.

Happy-Monday-Put“That you come out with new stuff every week. The only reason I look forward to Monday is that On Pasture comes out on Tuesday!”   

“I am enjoying all aspects of On Pasture. I find it very informative, I usually pick up at least 1 important piece of information in every article. I find myself waiting for your email link every week.”

Hooray! We feel like heroes for making Mondays better, even if it’s just for a few people. And that folks are actually waiting for our emails – well that’s pretty thrilling for us!

“The articles are always about something that I’ve recently had a problem with or wanted to find out more info. I don’t know how you do it!!”

We don’t know how we do it either!  Perhaps it’s the Ouija board Kathy’s been consulting in her spare time.

Finally, there were the comments like this one:

images“It is inspiring us to get out and make changes around our farm. We’ve been farming for a few years and have tried to implement MIG principles from the beginning. Your articles combine the details we need to figure out what we’re doing with the flexibilty to adapt them to work on our scale with our climate and soils. Thank you so much. I’ll be clicking the donate button as soon as the Christmas season is over and things aren’t so tight around here.”

You all inspire us too, to keep on doing what we’re doing, to search for the new information we think will be helpful, and to look forward to everyday that we get to see your comments, and the stats that show us you’re out there.

THANKS FOR READING!! We’re grateful to have you!

Kathy and Rachel

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