Merry Christmahannukwanzadan and Happy New Year!


No matter our holiday traditions, it’s fair to say that what they all have in common is celebrating our friends and families, giving and receiving, taking more time to be the generous loving people we are, and when we can, trying to find some time to reflect.

And that’s exactly what your On Pasture editors are doing this week and next. We’re spending time with the people we love most, and taking time to reflect.

Since reflection seems to be the hardest thing to find time for in our hurried, everyday world, we thought we’d give you that little gift. So for the December 23 and 30 issues, we’re going to point you to some of the articles we’ve shared over the last (almost) two years that are worthy of extra reflection.

Enjoy your traditions, your time with loved ones, and know that we’re thinking of you too!

Thanks for reading!

Rachel and Kathy




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