NRCS Online Soil Information – A Great Resource for Farmers and Ranchers

In the United States, we have been collecting information on and mapping soils ever since Congress appropriated $16,000 to send Milton Whitney into the field on May 3, 1899.  One hundred fourteen years later, the U.S. has the largest soil data base in the world, with soil maps and information available for over 95% of the nation's counties.  Now, all that information is at your fingertips, and easy to use.  The Natural Resources Conservation Service's Web Soil Survey provides anyone with computer access a wealth of free soils information along with soil maps, properties and interpretations to help you with land use decisions. You can download the NRCS's instructional brochure to the right, or follow along here as I show you what I learned about my little property using this online tool. The Home Page shows you the 4 basic steps.  1.  First you'll define the "Area of Interest." I typed in my address under quick navigation.  If you want to be more precise, you have the option to use your Latitude and Longitude, or your Section, Township and Range.  Then I clicked the "View" button, and my place popped right up in the map.  To get information on your area of interest, you have to draw a line around its boundaries.  You can do this by clicking on the square box tool, or the polygon box.  The polygon box all

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