In Case of Zombie Apocalypse, Save Me First! I’m a Farmer!

This week our Funny comes to us from Forrest Pritchard who points out that being a farmer in a crisis, particularly during a Zombie Apocalypse, is a powerful thing, and might be a good way of encouraging folks to consider farming as a good career choice.  Forrest and I are definitely on the same wavelength here!

There’s research that says that in times where people are feeling stressed and uncertain, their tastes in entertainment turn to the apocalyptic, maybe as a way of feeling better about their chances of survival. So, a few years back, as “The Walking Dead” was just starting to become a popular series on TV and “World War Z” the book was becoming the movie starring Brad Pitt fighting zombies, my friend Leah and I had a little project we called Zombie Victory Gardens. We were big into backyard “farming” and wanted to encourage others to join us.  Since zombies were so popular, we thought, “Why not jump on the bandwagon?” So we presented gardening from the perspective of preparing for a possible Zombie Apocalypse.

We’ve both gone on to other endeavors since.  On Pasture now takes up most of my time, and Leah is prepping for a marathon and shepherding a website development start up. But before that we had so much fun with our zombie inspired website and products!

There were the t-shirts and hoodies.

What we have left is on clearance for $15 for Ts and $22 for hoodies. Click to head over to the website and see if we have your size.


There was the veggie/zombie inspired jewelry:

ZVG Earrings
Need a pair? We still have a few of these hand-made by us beauties. Just Click to head over to the site.


There were WWII Victory Garden inspired Zombie-themed posters.  (They’re still available here for $1 each or $5 for the whole set.)

Click to see them larger.


There were the comics where we starred as post-apocalypse survivors growing food where we could and killing zombies when we had to.


Issue 1 Raised Beds
Click to go to the site where you can get a free download of “Issue 1 – Raised Beds.”


Issue 2 Winter Sowing
Click here to go to the website and download “Issue 2 – Winter Sowing.”



Issue 3 Condo Gardening
Click here to go to the website and download Issue 3 – Container Gardening.


Maybe my favorite was our “Post-Apocalypse” cooking show where we made the most of ingredients that never expire like jello, spam, and ramen. Vintage cookbooks, like “The Joy of Jello” were a great help with this!

Here’s the link for all our tablet readers.  Head over here to get links to all the videos we made before Leah decided she was tired of trying strange foods.

This project isn’t dead.  Actually, it’s kind of “undead” as in it’s searching for brains in order to continue living.  When Leah and I have more time on our hands, or brainpower available, we just might revisit it, make more comics, more videos, and have more fun. Until then, enjoy!

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