Ridiculously Good

How do you describe what you do? Are you a farmer, a rancher? Do you raise chickens, pigs, ducks, cattle? Are you a dairy farmer whose cows made the milk that went into yogurt recently pronounced “ridiculously good” by a very young reader of On Pasture? [If you are, thank you. The yogurt was also considered “the best yogurt in the universe.”] Are you a feeder of people? A supporter of farmers and ranchers? A friend?Screenshot 2015-02-23 15.56.13

If you look at what you do, and you can pronounce the outcome as “ridiculously good”, that’s a very good thing. We think our On Pasture readers are that kind of great, and we appreciate all that you do.

Next month, we will be celebrating the second birthday of On Pasture. We’ll tell you how and why we came to be writing and publishing On Pasture, and all the lovely people we’ve met along the way. Working on each issue gives us the “ridiculously good” feeling, and hearing from you lets us know why we’re still at it.

We hope you join us in celebrating On Pasture’s second birthday, and if you haven’t joined the community already, we’re happy to have you! You are, after all, ridiculously good.


2 thoughts on “Ridiculously Good

  1. As a girl who was born ‘city’ and married ‘country’, I especially love your site. I married an ag farmer and am trying to learn everything I can about all aspects of the farm world. We’re looking into adding some animals to our home farm & this is a great resource.

    Love your articles, thank you & keep it up!

    PS. Keep the funnies, they’re awesome 🙂

  2. Dear Kathy and Rachel,
    You two are ridiculously good at writing and bringing to us all of the neat things about farming and grazing!

    Thank You!

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