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Protecting Livestock From Predators

Some problems are bigger, and more dangerous-seeming, than others. For example lions. What kind of fence can you build to keep lions away from your cow herd? Can you do this with limited resources? It turns out, the brain is the best resource, and Richard Turere, a Masai boy, figured out how to use lights and parts he found locally to scare lions away from his herd. The result is good for the people, good for the cows AND good for the lions. Next up, he wants to invent his own electric fence. We’re looking forward to hearing how he does that.

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Rachel Gilker
Rachel Gilker
Rachel's interest in sustainable agriculture and grazing has deep roots in the soil. She's been following that passion around the world, working on an ancient Nabatean farm in the Negev, and with farmers in West Africa's Niger. After returning to the US, Rachel received her M.S. and Ph.D. in agronomy and soil science from the University of Maryland. For her doctoral research, Rachel spent 3 years working with Maryland dairy farmers using management intensive grazing. She then began her work with grass farmers, a source of joy and a journey of discovery.

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