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French Fries and a Side of On Pasture

By   /  March 16, 2015  /  2 Comments

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The average American eats 113 orders of french fries per year, 30 lbs of fries, two servings or orders per week.  In calories, it’s about 26,000. Yup. 26,000 calories. Thirteen days of nothing but fries.

Ok, done puking?

The average cost of ordering fries each year is about $189 ($1.67/serving). Want to buy a side order of fries at an upscale restaurant in NYC? Pony up about $8.

Buy frozen fries instead? $4.52 a pound. That’s $136 per year.

Here’s why we think french fries are sort of like On Pasture. Until they’re not.


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Rachel and Kathy

PS. If you’re Belgian, we hear you eat about 30% more fries than the average American. We don’t expect you to provide 30% more support, but we won’t stop you, if you would like to!

PPS. Stealing your buddy’s fries is supposedly one of the biggest causes of fights in restaurants. We’ll share with you, though.

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Rachel and Kathy are co-editors of On Pasture. They often collaborate on articles so that you get the best they have to offer.


  1. Troy Bishopp says:

    I like OnPasture because it’s salty and the kind my heart doctor prefers!

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