Levitation and Imaginary Friends

As part of our second birthday celebration, we’re looking back at how we got to where we are today.  It turns out that being able to levitate and having imaginary friends has kept us writing, and now, there are 704 articles available online for you to read.

When we started On Pasture we had, as the saying goes, “No visible means of support.” We just had an idea that we could fill a niche that folks needed.

Now, 2 years in, we’ve published just over 704 articles. If you haven’t read them all, they’re all still here, ready and waiting for you. You can find them by clicking on one of the topics in the menu bar, or using the search tool.

Support is Growing!

Look, Kathy and Rachel visit the beach and show off their levitation skills!

When we started On Pasture we had, as the saying goes, “No visible means of support.” And then you, our readers, started showing up. Readership has grown sometimes little by little, and sometimes by leaps and bounds that surprise us and make our stomachs tickle like we’re riding a bumpy road. Right now we’re averaging about 40,000 readers per month.

Thanks to the growing readership, we’ve also found some great underwriters who help us pay On Pasture’s bills.  You can see that growing list right here.


Just knowing how many people are reading, and which articles isn’t enough.

When we wake up to write, we imagine you out there, caring for your animals, checking your pastures, and taking a minute out of your busy schedule to read On Pasture. As imaginary friends go, you’re pretty darn good! But there’s nothing like really hearing from you to help us know we’re not imagining things.

So tell us.  Do you like On Pasture? Is this something we should keep on doing? If the answer’s yes, help us make it possible by joining the On Pasture Community. Or send us a card, a letter, a recipe, or notes to share with the community. We’d really like to know if you tried something different at your place based on something you read here, and how it went.

Help us keep on writing. All it takes is a little “Hi” now and then.

Thanks for reading!

Kathy and Rachel


One thought on “Levitation and Imaginary Friends

  1. Thanks Kathy and Rachel. You gals do a great job. I read the articles every week. Even though many of the articles pertain to eastern US pastures, some of the principles are the same and can still apply.
    Thanks again!

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