Help! We Need Help.

947619bd454258bf2177efd7666ff21bHey, do you know what time it is? Do you have a pen I can borrow? Can I borrow your hay wagon on Tuesday?

Sometimes, people need help. Lots of times, people want to help. “Is there anything I can do?”  That is a question on our lips when people are sick, or hurting, or just insanely busy.

How easy is it for you to ask for what you need? Ha! If you’re anything like me, then your default would be something like “no, thanks, I’m ok” if someone offers a hand.

But a helping hand comes in handy. Last year, I was pretty sick. Spend the day in bed sick. Chemo does that, it turns out. People helped, and it was beautiful. But it was so hard (SO HARD!) for me to admit I needed help, and to accept it. Until I finally said, thank you. That’s really helpful. And suddenly, it was. Accepting help became a good thing, not a sign of weakness.

I even learned that helping is a two-way street when my cousins, without my knowing, got together to collect funds so that my sweet Mr. On Pasture could order in some nights, and not be trying to juggle his job, three kids, and wife’s medical crap, while making dinner. I found out later that every single cousin was part of the effort, and it made them tremendously happy to do it. This still moves me.

Accepting that help seemed like a no-brainer. These were my cousins, showing me they love me. And it was a no-brainer to offer help when the “Cousins Support Network” got activated again this year for some medical challenges other relatives are going through.

Experiencing all that doesn’t make it any easier to ask for help today. But I’m going to do it because it’s for something I love, and something I think you love too.

We need your support to keep On Pasture going. We tried to say that last month when we held an On Pasture membership drive. Some of you heard our “ask” and you gave and we’re so very grateful for that.

But most of you clicked past those annoying pop-up ads (yes, they were a bad idea and we’ll never do it again), and maybe even said, eh, I’ll come back and read when they aren’t begging. (That’s what Mr. On Pasture calls the public radio Membership Drive.)

So we’re going to ask again, only this time we’re going to be more clear about how exactly you can help.

We want you to give us $12. That’s just 23¢ per week of On Pasture. If $12 is really too much, we get it. Can you do $5? And if you can’t do $5, can you send us a note to tell us you are there, you are reading?

And why would you want to do this? Because it will keep us writing articles and searching out authors who have new, useful ideas to make you more profitable and sustainable. Because we’re providing a service that you don’t find anywhere else, with step by step instructions for adapting things to your place, and the latest research translated into something you can use. And because we are helping build a community of folks to learn from and with.

That part about community? That’s what we really believed in when we started all this two years ago, with no funding, just our laptops and the two of us writing and calling and coordinating with other great authors. We believed that if we were good at what we did, we would build a community of folks sharing information and participating with support, or by suggesting underwriters, and advertising.

So even though it’s hard to ask, we’re going to ask because we think On Pasture is worth it. If 1 out of every 10 readers is able to join for $12, we’ll be able to keep On Pasture going. Please be that 1. We need your help.

Join the On Pasture Community.

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