Farming the Most Beautiful Place in the World

If you have your own farm or ranch, it might be the most beautiful place in the world. And you're probably not selling it any time soon. But what if you are looking for a place? Or what if you've decided that it's time to move on, maybe retire, maybe farm in a different place? For farmers and ranchers, the places we work and raise our families aren't just businesses. They're places we sink our hearts and souls into. The sweat and worry we've spent on them mean we know each inch of pasture, how our livestock move through them, where the birds like to sit, and how the clouds look when they're about to bring rain. And if we have to sell, we look carefully at the people who might come after us, hoping they'll appreciate what we've done, that they'll treat us kindly in the process of changing hands, and they'll carry on, making things better and better all the time. If we're the ones doing the buying, we want to make sure that this new place will fit us, will be a foundation for success, and a good home for our families. Both sides of the process are full emotion. Even if we say, "It's just business," there's a part of each of us that knows that it's much more. We think that On Pasture readers understand this and that you're the kind of folks who will do your best to make these kinds of transactions positive for ev

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One thought on “Farming the Most Beautiful Place in the World

  1. Do you have any listings in Washington state or northern Oregon? We are looking to buy a 100 plus working farm to raise sheep, pastured beef and pastured chickens. My family has renovated and farmed a 5 acre parcel for 15 years with the goal of building tilth and water lens while learning to holistically manage (or be managed by) a small milk goat/sheep herd and chicken flocks. My daughter is currently studying Ag Science at Cornell University and is interested in adding grass fed beef farming/ranching with us after her masters. Ideally we could find land with developed infrastructure (fences, barns, water, etc.) and a smallish house. We would like to buy with cash over 5-10 years. And yes, leaving a lovingly built farm to strangers makes it difficult to think of moving on!

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