Final Score: 5-0

Screenshot 2015-06-10 11.27.13Yesterday evening, after the rains blew through and the sun came out, we went to soccer. An inch or more of rain had come down, but the game was on.

Parents sat along the sidelines, cheering on their kids, acknowledging good plays by the other team, and checking in with each other. Younger siblings wrestled on the field behind us.

The other team did great. They only had one sub (our team had 3!), and they only had one coach. They still won 5-0. Two of the goals may be questionable. Was the ball completely over the line? Was the team offsides when they took the kick? I don’t know. They played great, and they won.

The home team, well, they had some good plays. But they didn’t come together as a team. Most of all, what they didn’t do was talk to each other.

Letting each other know that – hey, I’m behind you, and going to take a goal kick, or I’m wide right, and can get there to help you out- makes a huge difference.

What we all know, even if we forget sometimes, is that when you work as a team, you have to talk to your team mates. You have to let them know where you are, what you are doing, and what you are planning.

Otherwise, you end up working at cross purposes. You can’t reach your goals. (Groan…)

If you are moving animals like the folks in this week’s low-stress animal handling videos, if you are doing field work, if you are planning out the projects that are going to take up your day, it helps to talk out the plan with your teammates before you start, and then keep everyone apprised of the situation while things are going on.

Heck, if you’re just working solo, sometimes it’s useful to make a list. That way you know what you are doing. You can talk to yourself on paper. And out loud. Might be the best conversation you have today!

Just remember to keep the communication flowing. That way the kick aiming for the goal won’t bounce off the ankles of your team mate. Doh!

(And just for the fun of it, here’s a soccer playing cow!)

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