How Do You Get People to Listen to You?

Chief Joseph Elementary School welcomes Elizabeth Britton, great granddaughter of Chief Joseph to the blessing of the mural. Photos by Katharine Kimball

A group of parents were sitting around talking about school next year. Some of us had been to the recent Board of Education meeting, and there was a hint of a possibility that they might add a teacher to the fifth grade. This age cohort of children is crowded into four sections, and the hope of a fifth section and smaller classes….well, if you have kids in grade school, you may know how it set our hearts aflutter. Right now, each class in this group has 5-6 more kids than the classes in every other grade.

What can we do, though, to catch the attention of the Board and perhaps see that promise into action? We’ve been asking for two years for another section. We’ve written, we’ve called. We’ve explained and requested our hearts out.

That last one, though, that heart might have been what sparked a glimmer of hope. That, and having some money in the budget for another teacher.

It’s all about the heart. It’s about the heart in every Disney movie, when the last bit of grit carries the hero over the finish line. It’s about the heart when we ask you for help, because our hearts are getting weary. It’s about the heart, when folks make a decision to change as Karen Hoffman describes this week in Graze or DIE.

It’s also about the pocketbook.

A few months ago, we asked you for just $12. We laid it out, how it was 23 cents each week, how we needed the help because we have no grants or funding to do this.  We would have mentioned it sooner, but shortly after we started On Pasture in 2013, Rachel got a diagnosis that laid her up. For almost a full year, Kathy bore most of the weight of On Pasture, writing 3 of the 7 articles a week, and we put asking for monetary support, with what is basically a full-time job for almost two people, on hold.

As parents, we’ll ask for the help our children need. As the folks who put out On Pasture each week, we’ll ask you for your support every now and then to ensure that we can keep putting out weekly issues that bring you useful information. We’re grateful for each and every one of you.

Here’s how you can help.

1) Click here and give $12.

2) Be part of the team. Got a story or information that would be valuable? You can write an article, (here are article guidelines) or tell us the story. We’ll go from there. Get in touch.

3) Want to become an advertiser or underwriter? Know someone or a company that serves you well? Let us know. We’ll reach out to them. (Don’t forget to support the folks who are here. We’re glad to have them!)

4) Share On Pasture with your network of farmers and friends. The more the merrier.


Rachel and Kathy

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