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Over the last couple months we’ve shared some ways that you can get the word out about your services and products while at the same time supporting On Pasture. In case you missed them, here they are again:

Here's the Haybuster 107 no till drill for rent from Richard Parrott. If you're near Buhl, Idaho, click on over to find out how to rent it.
Here’s the Haybuster 107 no till drill for rent from Richard Parrott. If you’re near Buhl, Idaho, click on over to find out how to rent it.

Advertising With No Up Front Cost!

This idea came to us from one of Kathy’s friends, Richard Parrot. He offered to share a portion of the proceeds from renting his No-Till Drill to support On Pasture. Here’s how it works:

We set up your free classified ad to run for 3 months. You track your sales and then choose what you’d like to send to On Pasture to help keep great articles coming. It’s a win for you, a win for On Pasture’s readers who benefit from finding the products and services they need, and a win for us as we work to make On Pasture sustainable.

It worked well for Kelly Troester whose sales of no-step posts went up after we posted his classified ad. So think about it.  Do you have a service to sell, seeds, livestock, books, or other products that On Pasture readers should know about? Drop Rachel a note and she’ll work with you to get your ad up and running.

Advertise Your Farm or Ranch for Sale

For farmers and ranchers, the places we work and raise our families aren’t just businesses. They’re places we sink our hearts and souls into. The sweat and worry we’ve spent on them mean we know each inch of pasture, how our livestock move through them, where the birds like to sit, and how the clouds look when they’re about to bring rain. And if we have to sell, we look carefully at the people who might come after us, hoping they’ll appreciate what we’ve done, that they’ll treat us kindly in the process of changing hands, and they’ll carry on, making things better and better all the time. If we’re the ones doing the buying, we want to make sure that this new place will fit us, will be a foundation for success, and a good home for our families. Both sides of the process are full emotion. Even if we say, “It’s just business,” there’s a part of each of us that knows that it’s much more.

Here's Kim and Rich's place. Click on over to learn more about it.
Here’s one of the farms that has been listed with On Pasture Classifieds. Click on over to learn more about it. (The other one? Well, the folks decided to stay, so they took it off the market. Good for them! :-))

We think that On Pasture readers understand this and that you’re the kind of folks who will do your best to make these kinds of transactions positive for everyone. So we’d like to do what we can to help you.  If you have a farm or ranch for sale, and would like On Pasture readers to know about it, post it in our Classifieds.  Choose the one month for $25 option and we’ll run it for you until you let us know that you’ve found a buyer. In addition to appearing in the Classifieds, your ad will also show up in rotation of classifieds that appear in the middle column of every page.  Hey – if you’re looking for a place, go ahead and advertise here too. Maybe someone has just what you’re looking for!


We post statewide, regional and national events for free on our Events Calendar. Click here to learn more about getting your event posted. If your event budget allows it, maybe your organization could support On Pasture, too.

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If you can think of other services that would be useful for the On Pasture Community, let us know. And remember, we can’t do this without your support. Join us if you can!

Thanks for reading!

Kathy and Rachel

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