$100,000 for On Pasture!

bag_of_money_TAs you know, On Pasture is funded by readers, advertisers and underwriters and we’re still growing a base that will allow us to cover some salaries and move beyond just covering daily costs. So I was pretty excited when I got an email with the subject line: “Your business is approved for $100,000.”

Here’s what the email said:

Your business is approved for 100k funding based on the recent changes in funding regulations. You can claim these funds in next 72 hours.

Call Now To Claim Your Funds
(the 855 number here)
Toll Free

QS Capital Advisory

Now I don’t know what funding regulations were preventing them from sending me money in the past, but I’m sure glad they changed.  So I immediately wrote back:

Oh Wow! I’m so excited! I can’t call right now, but write me back and I’ll send you my mailing address right away. I know this Nigerian Prince who says that if I help him he’ll give me millions of dollars. So I can leverage your $100,000 into really big money!

This must be my lucky day!

I haven’t heard back from anyone at QS Capital Advisory yet. I assume they’re dealing with lots of emails from excited people like me. In the meantime, Rachel and I have been thinking about what On Pasture will do with all that money. Here’s one idea:

Rachel and Kathy Go on the Road
Kathy and Rachels Camper TrailerWe’d love to meet our readers in person, and from time to time we imagine a road trip where we set up a series of pasture walks across the country. We’d meet up with you, share ideas about how things are being done in your neck of the woods, and learn more about how On Pasture is helping you and what you’d like us to do more of. With the Nigerian Prince’s millions we could outfit ourselves with an RV for the tour, and buy all the lunches and dinners for the Pasture Walks and even put you guys up in hotels! Shannon Hayes, author of the Grassfed Gourmet and diversified farmer, wants to come too, to share information on marketing and cooking with grassed beef.

But even if we don’t get our millions, what do you think of some version of this idea? What other things would you like us to do with our millions? You never know, one of your ideas might be something that we can do regardless of whether QS Capital Advisory comes through. 🙂

Thanks for reading and dreaming with us!

Kathy and Rachel

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