What Stands Out

What stood out from last weekend...
What stood out from last weekend…the climber is at the tippy top of the page. Yikes.

Every Monday morning in preschool starts off the same way. The kids come in, find their name on a laminated card and practice writing it. Then they draw their “Weekend News”.  As the parent of a preschooler, I spend pretty much all weekend with her. But what she reports on, what stands out for her, isn’t always what I think it would be. Usually, it’s nothing I would have thought of as the “Big News” from the weekend.

This Monday, her choice didn’t reflect too well on her parents. “I played on the roof at Aunt Mimi’s” was the highlight. In our defense, she was up there with her brothers, who kept a close eye on her. [Ok, that doesn’t help my case.] But, the roof starts just about 4′ off the ground, though,and it’s got a gentle pitch, and the wonderful aunt who lives below it makes an amazing brisket.

The choice of what stands out each weekend isn’t always that dramatic. Thinking about the way we remember things makes me realize that we all may notice things differently, and that’s part of the beauty of this world. To some, what stands out is the blue sky, and to others, it’s the clouds. In a video we shared last week, some readers noticed lessons they could take away from the story of 12 Aprils Farm, while others noticed that farming in South Carolina is far different from their experiences. Sometimes when we are trying to do something, we only notice the challenges, but other times, we find that we can see the possibilities so very clearly. Realizing what’s challenging can lead to new ideas too. So much of what stands out is up to us, as individuals, to choose.

Last Monday, my preschooler remembered playing soccer the previous weekend. Who knows what she’s going to report on next Monday. The lessons she learns aren’t always the ones I’m thinking about, but the possibilities for learning seem to be endless. It’s all in the eye, and the mind, of the beholder.

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