How to Change the World

GlobalEffectsThe other day, this quote flashed across my screen.

It was like getting hit in the face with a splash of water: invigorating, and strengthening. It felt amazing to read those words. Reading them, I knew I could do anything. All it would take was a decision, and a small change, and I could make the world a better place.

Any of us could do this. Then I realized that many of us are.

So many people in the On Pasture community make changes all the time, sometimes small, sometimes large. So often the changes you make affect your bottom line, affect the world around you, and make the world a better place altogether.

This Fall, we are asking you for a small change. You may be used to getting valuable information from us for free. The change we’re asking for is that you support On Pasture.

Don’t stop reading! It’s hard to ask for help. It’s almost easier to do what we do each week: write to you and for you to help you transform your world. The blunt truth, though, is that we can’t stick around without you.

So we’re starting a fund drive today to ask you to help. If you can give, please do. Just $12 can make all the difference in our world. That’s 23 cents per week and if 1 out of 10 readers gave, we could keep on writing.

We’ve Got Thank You Gifts!

1_GrassFedCoverFor folks supporting On Pasture at $50 or more, author Shannon Hayes has provided copies of her book The Grassfed Gourmet. Chock full of deliciousness, this is the 10th anniversary edition of the best selling grass-fed cookbook out there. And there’s more…so click on over and take a look.

And everyone who gives gets a bumper sticker! 🙂


Please take the time to give of yourself so we can keep on saying that “Everything’s better On Pasture.” Together we can transform the world.

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