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Can We Keep On Pasture Online?

By   /  October 19, 2015  /  2 Comments

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Last week we asked, “Is It Time to Say Goodbye?” We laid out our simple business plan,
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About the author

Rachel and Kathy are co-editors of On Pasture. They often collaborate on articles so that you get the best they have to offer.


  1. Kathy Voth says:

    We’ve got new and renewing Underwriters too! We’ll be posting them online soon with links so that you can reach out and thank them. But for now, here you go:

    Maryland Grazers Network
    Thousand Hills Cattle Company
    Organic Valley
    Black Queen Angus
    Yankee Farm Credit
    Eastern Bison Association

    Thank you all so much!

  2. Kathy Voth says:

    I’ve updated the progress chart to show where we are as of Wednesday. Here are more of the people we have to thank for making this possible:
    Meg from New York
    Ron from Wisconsin
    Erik who is headed to surgery and we wish him a speedy recovery!
    George from Texas who says, “I just discovered On Pasture during the last 6 months and really enjoy the content. As an engineer and aspiring cattle rancher, I appreciate the near scientific approach that many of your articles take in their discussions of improving grazing practices.”
    Mike from Vermont who really wants a cookbook!
    Bill from Pennsylvania
    Kevin from California who says, “Thanks for your articles, On Pasture!!”
    Ray from Maryland
    Linda from Vermont
    Ron from Maine
    Grant from British Columbia
    Kitty from New York
    Tyler from Arizona who says, “All your work has been wonderful and I try to pass on the site to anyone I know who might derive some value from it. I would gladly pay on a regular basis to support the project and hope you meet your fundraising goal. Keep up the great work!”
    Lewis from Tennessee
    Robin from New York
    Sandra from Pennsylvania
    Tyler from Minnesota who says, “We really hope that you receive the financial support that you need to keep doing this. On Pasture has been a tremendous resource for us as beginning farmers. Your articles sort through the noise and keep us going in the right direction. Thank you!”
    Hogwash Farm from Vermont
    Anthony from Colorado
    Tim from Montana who says, “I sure hope you hit your goal. I really value what you do.”
    Benjamin from New York who say, “Heck yes I want those posters! And I want On Pasture to keep on trucking if they can!”
    James from Oklahoma who says, “Thanks for a great website. Please keep up the good work!!”
    Mark from Vermont
    John from Pennsylvania who says, “Please do not stop On Pasture! Your information is very important to us graziers. Keep up the good work, ladies. :)And thank you!”
    Dave from Montana

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