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Can We Keep On Pasture Online?

By   /  October 19, 2015  /  2 Comments

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Last week we asked, “Is It Time to Say Goodbye?” We laid out our simple business plan, and what we need in order to keep on going. We got a lot of responses, and suggestions, so we want to share those, along with our answers, and give you an idea of where we’re at and how you might be able to help if you think that’s the right thing to do.

FundraisingBar34Funding Update

First to the good news. We received $4,647 in support from 75 people and three Underwriters.  Yankee Credit is a brand new supporter of On Pasture, as is the Maryland Graziers Network, and Thousand Hills Cattle Company is renewing for a second year.

Speaking of Underwriting: More Help Could Be On the Way!

One reader called to say that he was in contact with foundations that would like to support On Pasture, but their rules only allow them to give money to non-profit organizations. On Pasture is not a non-profit, but the National Grazing Lands Coalition has offered to accept support on our behalf and direct 100% of the support to On Pasture.  If your organization would like to support On Pasture through this avenue, please contact Rachel Gilker to learn more.

Another On Pasture reader called who is associated with a Resource Conservation District. They are exploring the possibility of sending support to On Pasture on behalf of farmers and ranchers in their district. We are also working with both Risk Management Education and the Farm Bureau about how On Pasture can help them meet their outreach requirements and how they can support On Pasture for that assistance.

The bottom line is that lots of folks think that On Pasture is important and they’d like us to continue. We’d like to also, and we’re more than halfway to our annual goal. If you’d like On Pasture to stay online, please click here. Thank you so much for reaching out and sending your support. It means a lot to us!

Other Reader Suggestions and Thoughts

We got feedback about our business model. Some suggested that thinking readers would pay for a product that they could read for free was naive and overly optimistic. Some said we were behaving like a non-profit when we’re not, we’re a business. Some said that asking 1 in 10 to support the other 9 in 10 who don’t pay was a bad idea and that we should implement a paywall, where you pay or don’t read. Others sent extra money to help pay for those folks who just can’t afford to send support right now.

We appreciate everyone’s thoughts. You all make good points. Here’s how we responded to one letter writer:

“From the beginning we’ve thought of On Pasture as a community supported agriculture venture where we provide useful information that helps our readers be more successful, and in return the reading community would provide support at whatever level each individual could afford. Knowing that many readers who need the information most might not be able to afford to send support is one of the reasons we haven’t put up a pay wall. Another reason is that it’s just as hard to set up a paywall and get paying customers as it is to try what we’re trying.

“Lots of media sources are struggling to figure out how to provide their product online while still making a living, and this is our particular experiment in that vein. Time will tell how it turns out.”

You are our community and we can’t continue without your input. So whether it’s to send your support for the Fall Fund Drive, or just your ideas in the comments below, we thank you for sharing with us.

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About the author

Rachel and Kathy are co-editors of On Pasture. They often collaborate on articles so that you get the best they have to offer.


  1. Kathy Voth says:

    We’ve got new and renewing Underwriters too! We’ll be posting them online soon with links so that you can reach out and thank them. But for now, here you go:

    Maryland Grazers Network
    Thousand Hills Cattle Company
    Organic Valley
    Black Queen Angus
    Yankee Farm Credit
    Eastern Bison Association

    Thank you all so much!

  2. Kathy Voth says:

    I’ve updated the progress chart to show where we are as of Wednesday. Here are more of the people we have to thank for making this possible:
    Meg from New York
    Ron from Wisconsin
    Erik who is headed to surgery and we wish him a speedy recovery!
    George from Texas who says, “I just discovered On Pasture during the last 6 months and really enjoy the content. As an engineer and aspiring cattle rancher, I appreciate the near scientific approach that many of your articles take in their discussions of improving grazing practices.”
    Mike from Vermont who really wants a cookbook!
    Bill from Pennsylvania
    Kevin from California who says, “Thanks for your articles, On Pasture!!”
    Ray from Maryland
    Linda from Vermont
    Ron from Maine
    Grant from British Columbia
    Kitty from New York
    Tyler from Arizona who says, “All your work has been wonderful and I try to pass on the site to anyone I know who might derive some value from it. I would gladly pay on a regular basis to support the project and hope you meet your fundraising goal. Keep up the great work!”
    Lewis from Tennessee
    Robin from New York
    Sandra from Pennsylvania
    Tyler from Minnesota who says, “We really hope that you receive the financial support that you need to keep doing this. On Pasture has been a tremendous resource for us as beginning farmers. Your articles sort through the noise and keep us going in the right direction. Thank you!”
    Hogwash Farm from Vermont
    Anthony from Colorado
    Tim from Montana who says, “I sure hope you hit your goal. I really value what you do.”
    Benjamin from New York who say, “Heck yes I want those posters! And I want On Pasture to keep on trucking if they can!”
    James from Oklahoma who says, “Thanks for a great website. Please keep up the good work!!”
    Mark from Vermont
    John from Pennsylvania who says, “Please do not stop On Pasture! Your information is very important to us graziers. Keep up the good work, ladies. :)And thank you!”
    Dave from Montana

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