Sponsors for On Pasture

FundraisingBar28Thank you so much to everyone who has written us and sent support to keep On Pasture online. The response has been overwhelming and as you can see, we’re making great strides towards our goal.

Good News About Sponsors!

As part of our Fall Fund Drive, here are new and renewing sponsors. Reader support alone can’t make On Pasture happen long term, so we are very grateful to these folks for seeing the value in On Pasture so that we can keep on sending it out to you. We’d love it if you could tell them that you appreciate their support. All you have to do is click on a sponsor and an email will pop up that you can fill in with a note of thanks.

Morgan Hartmann and Black Queen Angus Farm

Thousand Hills Cattle Company

Organic Valley

The National Grazing Lands Coalition – They supported us last year and this coming year they’re supporting us with a grant that will cover a LOT of articles. We’re so excited about this partnership and being able to work with them.

Then head over to our Sponsors page where you can see other organizations that have gotten us where we are today.

Can you help us find sponsors?

We’d also love your help identifying other potential sponsors. Do you belong to an organization whose members benefit from On Pasture? Maybe you’re part of a grazing group, a cooperative, a resource conservation district, or a cattlemen’s association. Suggest to them that they become an On Pasture sponsor or send us the name of the person we should contact about this. Are you a customer of a business that serves graziers? Point them our way as a potential sponsor. Rachel can work with organizations and business on an amount and package that works best with their needs and budget. You can reach Rachel via email, or by phone at 240-441-8044.

What we’ve learned over the last few weeks is that the community that we hoped to build with On Pasture is actually bigger and stronger than we knew. It’s given us hope that together we can keep On Pasture online.

Thank you!

Rachel and Kathy

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