We’re Almost Out of the Woods (And Rachel Saw Forrest)

FundraisingBar21We’ve got good news on the progress towards our funding goal. We’re ninety percent of the way there! Thank to everyone who has sent money to keep On Pasture going, and for your notes of support and appreciation. When we started back in 2013, we thought of all of our readers as our Community and we hoped that together we could create a place where we could all learn and share and grow together. I have to say, that I didn’t realize how it would really feel to have so many people counting on Rachel and me, or how it would feel to count on you.  It’s really been very humbling.


Sometimes it also feels like we’re at a big concert and people have picked us up and are passing us over their heads.  I especially get that feeling from folks who have gotten in touch because they want to help us secure long-term funding that will ensure that On Pasture doesn’t just survive, but it thrives. They’re giving us suggestions about who to contact in different organizations whose members benefit from On Pasture, and even helping by making introductions. Sponsor support is really how we’re going to make this work for the long-haul. So if you have suggestions, or want to be a sponsor, get ahold of Rachel and she’ll work with you.

Forrest Comes to Town!

Click here to visit the publisher's website where you can see a video of Forrest talking about the book and find out how to get your own copy!
Click here to visit our Support Page and sign up for your copy of the book signed by Forrest.

We also got a big boost from Forrest Pritchard who visited Rachel this past weekend when he was in town for a signing event for his latest book. Forrest has been a great supporter and writer for On Pasture since the very beginning. We were excited to preview his first book, NY Times Best Seller Gaining Ground when it came out two years ago. Now, we’re tickled to share his new book, Growing Tommorrow. Forrest shares the stories of 18 farms around the US, with stunning photographs from Molly Peterson, and recipes from the farmers themselves. Part cookbook, part sustainable farming, and all visual knockout, it’s a great book for you, or for someone you love. Rachel says “Please don’t tell anyone, but my mother-in-law is getting a copy for Christmas.”

You can get a copy too, and support On Pasture while you do. Forrest is giving 20 signed copies of Growing Tomorrow to folks who support On Pasture at $50 or more. So you’ll want to head over to our Support Page soon!

One More Way to Support On Pasture

Last but not least, we want to introduce the On Pasture Bookstore. It runs through Amazon, so you get all the great deals and customer service they provide, but when you order a book through our store, Amazon says thanks by sending 10% of the purchase price our way. It’s a great place to find all the books written by On Pasture authors. We’ve also added resources that we use to get our work done, and books that inspire and inform us. We just set it up, and we’ll be adding more books as we go, so check back from time to time. Oh – and if you have a suggestion for something we should add, let Kathy know. 🙂

Thank you!

Thank you for reading, for writing, and for sending support. Knowing that you’re out there with us has made a lot of difference.

Hugs from Kathy and Rachel

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