Mob Grazing on 2700 Acres in North Dakota

Is it possible to adapt mob grazing to work on large scales and native rangelands? Like many of you, Jay and Krista Reiser asked that question as they consider the North Dakota ranch they hoped to take over. They thought that mob grazing had the potential to help them solve two problems. First, their financial adviser had shown them that if they continued managing the ranch as it had been, they'd see a negative cash flow of $38,000 a year. A large part of that cost was for winter feeding: hay, supplemental feed and pasture rent. They thought that mob grazing might help them extend their grazing season and lower their expenses, making the ranch profitable. Their second problem was that years of continuous, set stock grazing had reduced forage production and soil health. They thought that a mob grazing strategy with rotation, rest, and better distribution of manure and urine could reinvigorate the soil, improve forage quantity and quality and provide drought resistance. Jay and Krista tried to find examples of other ranchers who had used mob grazing in situations such as theirs, but came up with very little. Thinking that others might benefit from what they learned by trying mob grazing on their ranch, they applied for a farmer/rancher grant for just under $6,000 from North Central SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) and got to work. Nearby Bismarck, ND gives you a good idea of the weather a

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3 thoughts on “Mob Grazing on 2700 Acres in North Dakota

  1. Jay and Krista, check out Ray Banister in Wibaux, MT and Bill Milton in Roundup, MT. Those guys make it work with awesome results!

  2. Great article! Some forget that the mother cow’s nutritional needs are greatest during 3rd trimester and 1st 90 days of lactation. Glad to see it alluded to in this article.

    Keep up the good work and ditto what Troy said.

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