The Poop on Dung Beetles

Troy Bishopp (the Grass Whisperer and On Pasture author) says that if he comes to visit your pastures, one of the first things he'll look at are the manure pats. Why? Because they can tell him a lot a

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3 thoughts on “The Poop on Dung Beetles

  1. Very interesting,but I just wonder how dung beetle survival after giving Ivermectin or similar Rx to an animal (or group thereof) is measured. Must be all done in laboratory? So n beetles(or their larvae?) per holding jar are given the drug, presumably mixed into poop?,and then counted until all die? But that’s hardly relevant to their mortality in pasture with treated cattle?

    1. I would guess that the method you’re surmising is not how they determine mortality rates. The folks doing this are scientists, like you, and thus certainly know techniques that would give them realistic numbers. If you really want to know how they figure this I’m sure we can find it with a quick search of the Internet.

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