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Thank You For A Really Great Year!

By   /  December 21, 2015  /  2 Comments

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Here’s Rachel in her office, which is currently the On Pasture Mailing Department. (Kathy added the elf hat after the fact because it’s that time of year. :-))
We wouldn’t have a Mailing Department except for all of you. You sent in support to keep On Pasture online, and now we’re in the process of mailing out the books, posters and bumperstickers as thank yous for your support.  It’s also giving us a chance to re-read some of the notes you sent along with your support like these:“Keep on going please! Best regards from Bulgaria, Europe.”“Love the articles! A few have saved me time and money while I learn the art of grazing dairy cattle. You have a friend in Massachusetts.””I read your newsletter immediately and soak it all up. Then I ruminate on it awhile to think about what I can apply to my own farm. You ARE making a difference.”

You never know when you start something like this how it’s going to turn out. As Kathy often says, “I have lots of ideas, but not all of them are good.” But you’ve told us that On Pasture is a good idea. So this week we’re sending you articles that will help you get ready for the new year, remember what you love about what you do, and enjoy the Holidays too.

We’re going to take a little time to enjoy the Holidays with our families and friends too. We’ll be taking the week of December 29th off, but then we’ll be back on January 4, 2016 with more great articles to help you be successful and sustainable,

Thanks for reading and being a part of the On Pasture Community! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kathy and Rachel

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About the author

Rachel and Kathy are co-editors of On Pasture. They often collaborate on articles so that you get the best they have to offer.


  1. Grant Lastiwka says:

    Have a great Christmas Kathy and Rachel!! You deserve it:)

    The healthier soil movement is gaining steam here in Western Canada. The forage, applied research and grazier organizations are leading the way. People are excited as they realize they can make a significant difference and leave the land better for tomorrows generations.

    These organizations and their “parent organization”, Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta organized the year in soils ending with over 400 people coming out to the Western Canadian Soil Health Conference two weeks ago.

    PS Keep up the awesome work. Thank you so much for the OnPasture bumper stickers. Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!!

    • Rachel Gilker says:


      So glad to hear the news of soil from Western Canada! Thank you for your kind words, as well. We’re all in this together!

      Merry Christmas to you and yours, and all the best in 2016,

      Kathy and Rachel

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