What’s Next?

Resolutions – this is the time of year when everybody talks about them, lots of people make them, and some people even go on to successfully complete them. Since we’re science geeks, we’ll try to make it a little easier for you by letting you know that research says you only have so much “will power” to work with, and if you’re trying to head in a new direction, you’re more likely to succeed with just one resolution than if you make a long list. So don’t try to do everything. Try one thing.

WhoAreYouSurveyClickOur one thing this year is to supplement the support you’ve give On Pasture by adding sponsorships from organizations and companies that benefit from the On Pasture Community. We’ve already got some great examples on our list. Organic Valley, Maple Hill Creamery, and Stonyfield Organics are all On Pasture sponsors because they want to support grass-based dairy operators with useful information. Likewise, the National Grazing Lands Coalition is sponsoring a whole series of articls this ocming year on how to improve soil health and water quality using sustainable grazing management techniques. Organizations like the Vermont Grass Farmers Association, Grassfed Exchange, the Maine Grass Farmers Network, and the West Virginia Association of Conservation Districts have stepped up to support On Pasture because members get a lot of great assistance from On Pasture articles. And then there are companies like Yankee Farm Credit, Prescriptive Livestock Services, Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions, Thousand Hills Cattle Comapny, and USDA Risk Management that support On Pasture because they want to reach On Pasture readers with information about the work they are doing.

Getting sponsorships from companies and partnering with organizations like these is how On Pasture will stay healthy for years to come. But before committing they want to know a little bit about On Pasture readers so they know they are spending their money wisely. Help us tell sponsors why supporting On Pasture is a great way to support you by answering the seven questions in this survey. We just want to know where you are, a little about your operation, and why you like On Pasture. It only takes 3 minutes (we know, we tested it! :-))

If you’re a member of an organization whose members benefit from On Pasture, ask them to consider becoming a sponsor. Or drop us a note, and tell us who we should contact to talk about sponsorships.

Thanks in advance. Together we can keep On Pasture online for years to come.

Happy New Year! We’re so glad you’re reading!

Kathy and Rachel

P.S. Here’s the link to the survey one more time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. I tried to complete the survey, but it wouldn’t allow multiple answers to questions. For instance, I raise cattle and sheep, but could only choose one. I purchase more than one type of supply for my farm, but could only choose one. Can this be corrected?

    1. Hi Lynda,
      Thank you for checking out the survey. We had a bit of a technical difficulty, but we fixed it. You can choose multiple species now. Technology is amazing!

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