Don’t Let Your Brain Go Dormant!

There’s a lot going on during the winter, even in cold climates.  Instead of just going dormant, we look at winter as a time to gather and learn from each other. There are amazing opportunities to attend conferences and workshops in the new year. Here are a couple for you to consider that are organized by On Pasture sponsors Black Queen Angus Farm and the Vermont Grass Farmers Association:

The 20th Annual Vermont Grazing and Livestock Conference is January 15 and 16 at the Lake Morey Inn and Resort in Fairlee, Vermont. Friday features workshops on Advanced Grazing with Jim Gerrish, and on Transitioning to Organic Dairy with Sarah Flack. Saturday is full of workshops on topics like calving, forages, real life grazing do’s and don’ts, small ruminant genetics, parasite control, and what to expect from your forages.

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If you’ve never been to the Lake Morey Inn and Resort, we recommend it. It’s a homey place, in spite of the word “resort.”  There are skates and hockey gear for guests, and there’s an indoor pool too, making it a vacation for the whole family. The three On Pasture kids LOVE it there. Plus the food is always GREAT! There’s still time to sign up. Just click here!

What a great opportunity to meet Chip Hines in person!
What a great opportunity to meet Chip Hines in person!

A month from now, on February 12 & 13, the 8th annual Winter Green-Up Conference is being held at The Century House, in Latham, NY, featuring speakers Chip Hines (an On Pasture author) and Neil Dennis. Neil will kick things off by telling us that “If you’re going to be lazy, get good at it”, describing how to raise 1000 head with minimal stress to the livestock or the operator. Chip will talk about the interconnection of genetics and management, and how adding inputss may not make you more profitable.  There’s a lot to learn, and Winter Green-Up is a great place to take in some more food for thought. (And did we mention that the food here is great too?)

The Vermont Grass Farmers Association and Black Queen Angus Farm sponsor On Pasture because it’s valuable to their members and colleagues. We’re returning the support by letting the On Pasture Community know about these opportunities to learn and grow. Sponsors helping you and On Pasture, and On Pasture helping you and sponsors – together we all grow!

Thanks for reading, participating and sponsoring!

Kathy and Rachel

P.S. Rachel can tell you more about sponsoring. And Kathy can add your event to the On Pasture Calendar for free.

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